Kit-Catalogue Stakeholder Survey

This week saw the launch of our stakeholder survey.  A dozen questions designed to eke out what Loughborough University users (and non-users!) think of the current equipment database, and how it can and could be used.

In particular, we are questioning the perceived benefits and barriers to using the system.  This is something Melanie and I have always been interested in – with regards to the adoption of software, systems and technology at institutions – but it’s also important for the project.

One of our primary aims is to maximise the usage of our equipment.  For the Kit-Catalogue system, this means maximising usage of the database – both in terms of the number of people searching for, finding, and hopefully using equipment, but also engaging those staff who take the time to add their equipment to the database itself.  The success of the software will depend on boosting the benefits of using the system, whilst overcoming the barriers putting people off, and it will be interesting to see which benefits and barriers our survey respondents highlight as being most important to them.

Whatever the outcome, this data will shape the future development of the software, and the processes surrounding it.

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